New regression equation

After the national dissection of pork in Poland it is known (unofficially) that the statistical error of lean meat assessment of apparatus IM-03 is much lower. Official results should appear in May 2011. This year the regression equation will be changed in all apparatuses used in Poland.

The assessment of LMP will be more precise.


In the beginning of December Arek joined our team. He graduated from Poznan University of Technology the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. Wecome Arek!


The mission in Asia has been extended by the trip to Beijing. With help from the Polish Embassy we are organizing the seminar for representants of meat industry and slaughterhouses.


We are going to Hanoi to hold the seminar on 12 November. The seminar will be dedicated to the benefits of pig carcass grading and our apparatus IM-03. Additionally, we will participate in the meat industry trade fair AgroViet.