The Price

IM-03 is the cheapest apparatus on the market.

The price includes:

  • IM-03 apaaratus
  • Power supply unit
  • Installation at the client location
  • The training of the operator

Why so cheap?

We have rigorously complied with the vision of low costs and high level of apparatus quality on every stage. From the moment of creating the concept to the moment of its sale, the costs are under constant supervision and everyone has been obliged to seek effective methods of their lowering, on the condition that the product fulfills all quality requirements.

Even the expensive and obligatory procedures, which are in force according to the law of the European Union, and which admitted to market use, have not undermined our vision ? the guarantee of a low price of the apparatus.

We conduct the advertising campaign broadly, fast, and effectively, but without excessive and expensive advertising actions. The IM-03 apparatus, contrary to the competitive products, is a new and modern solution. It is not a copy of any already existing one. It encompasses modern technical solutions, which guarantee flawless work and lowering the costs of exploitation of the device.

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