Pig Carcass Grading Apparatus

Aparat IM-03


  • EU approved
  • Only single measure required
  • The lowest price
  • Easy to use
  • Modern technology
  • Simple and trouble-free design
  • No mechanical movable parts
  • Over 16 000 results in memory
  • Compatible with scales
  • Report generating software
  • Excellent technical service
  • Easy available

The Price

IM-03 the cheapest apparatus on the market.

The price includes:

  • IM-03 apaaratus
  • Power supply unit
  • Installation at the client location
  • The training of the operator

Why so cheap?

We have rigorously complied with the vision of low costs and high level of apparatus quality on every stage. From the moment of creating the concept to the moment of its sale, the costs are under constant supervision and everyone has been obliged to seek effective methods of their lowering, on the condition that the product fulfills all quality requirements.

Even the expensive and obligatory procedures, which are in force according to the law of the European Union, and which admitted to market use, have not undermined our vision ? the guarantee of a low price of the apparatus.

We conduct the advertising campaign broadly, fast, and effectively, but without excessive and expensive advertising actions. The IM-03 apparatus, contrary to the competitive products, is a new and modern solution. It is not a copy of any already existing one. It encompasses modern technical solutions, which guarantee flawless work and lowering the costs of exploitation of the device.

How it works

Carcass measurement is performed in w single point: between the 3rd and the 4th rib. The lean meat of the carcass is defined on the basis of the measured thickness of fat and meat. The measurement is performed with a static optical probe ( also called : needle ). The probe consists of over 1500 optical sensors, which see the layout of fat and meat on the entire length at the same time, as soon as the needle is plunged in the carcass. This helps to eliminate the unreliable movable mechanic parts used in other apparatuses.

The hole left by the probe:

  • The needle hole is a proof of the performed measurement.
  • The needle hole enables to check the place of measurement.
  • The needle hole enables to check the correctness of measurement.

A small-sized needle and knife leave a slightly small mark and ensure good sealing of the place of puncture.

IM-03 does not require any safely,there is no possibility of leaving it in the carcasses.

The Knife:

Fastened solidly and safely, there is no possibility of leaving it in the carcass.
Patent protected solution.


The apparatus IM-03 meets the requirements set by European Union for use in EU countries and is approved only for use in Poland by the EU Committee Decision printed in the Official Journal of EU L258/5. (download in pdf)

On March 3, 2005 the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent a request to the Pork Production Committee of the EU asking them to allow testing of the IM-03 apparatus, which is required by law.

On April 8, 2005 the Committee allowed the testing of the IM-03. The testing was performed by the Meat and Fat Research Institute of Warsaw during April and May 2005.

On the basis of the dissection results and the analysis of the results the Institute concluded as follows:

  • The error of the apparatus is 2,33% which is the best result in Poland while measuring with one stab of the needle.
  • There are no significant errors of the apparatus.

On May 18, 2005 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent a request to the Pork Production Committee of UE asking them to approve the results of the testing and officially allow the usage of the IM-03 apparatus in Poland.

On June 15, 2005 the Committee accepted the results of the testing with no remarks and on July 13, 2005 the Committee made a decision regarding the official approval to make amendments in the Decision for Poland. On September 25, 2005 in the Official Journal of the EU L258/5 the final Decision allowing the usage of the Im-03 apparatus in Poland was announced.

Before the official testing some individual testing had been performed in several slaughter houses in Poland. We checked the apparatus in industrial conditions on the lines with efficiency of 180 carcasses per hour.

What do you need?

IM-03 has been designed with the consideration of the needs of small companies too. It can work by itself, without additional computers, terminals, and other systems in the abattoir.

IM-03 can store over 16.000 grading results, carcass weight, supplier data, etc., which may later be put and used on an office computer

To conduct a pig carcass grading in an abattoir, you only need to:

  • install the IM-03 apparatus hardware,
  • install the settlement programme in the office computer

If you possess an electronic scale with a printer output, you can also connect it to the IM-03. You do not need to install any extra scale terminal.

Do you want to use the terminal on the slaughter line ?
IM-03 can be easy connected to your terminal too.

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